Entrust the repair of your violin to the Atelier du Pré Perron in Mirecourt

Sometimes tuning and maintenance are not enough to preserve the condition and function of your instrument. That is why I offer my skills and know-how to repair and restore your violin to its original appearance, playability and sound.

As a violin maker in Mirecourt, it is essential for me to offer a quality violin making service to all my clients, allowing the acoustic and aesthetic qualities of the instrument to be preserved, whatever its quality range.

Call in a professional and qualified violin repairer

Musicians always need to keep their instruments in top shape. That is why I am at your disposal to optimise the playability and sound of your violins, as well as to repair your defective instruments.

Repairing a violin consists in correcting the aesthetic or structural defects that appear during the life of the instrument. There are many ways to repair this instrument, depending on its nature, the budget, but also the time available.

As an expert in violin repair near Vittel, Charmes and Vincey, I am able to take care of edge gluing to prevent unpleasant vibrations and loss of sound, gluing, securing and smoothing out cracks before they get worse, removing marks from the surface of the varnish and recreating a coherent surface, etc.

Therefore, do not hesitate to call upon my services for the repair of musical instruments in Mirecourt and the surrounding area, in order to benefit from a meticulous work, in perfect adequacy with your expectations.

Refurbishment of violins

In the life of your instrument, with time or incidents, it sometimes needs to be repaired in order to regain its original functioning. Also, some valuable instruments sometimes require heavy interventions using very sophisticated techniques, which must be performed by experts, in order to avoid irreversible damage to the original materials.

From the repair of worn ebony and defective necks to the replacement of your violin’s bridge, I welcome you in my workshop specialised in violin repairs and I will carry out all the operations required to restore your instrument with great care and technical skill. If you have little time, I am also available to carry out temporary repairs which will be taken over and improved afterwards.

In addition, I can carry out the removal of the sound box, the installation of a new sound bar to improve the sound and strengthen the structure, the surfacing or the replacement of the fingerboard to improve the playability. I also replace the neck on the original scroll and pegbox, and correct the neck angle, etc.


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